34904 / 34904 words. 100% done!

Yup, that’s right. This morning, I dragged the manuscript for The Darknet across the finish line, kicking and screaming.  And a very special thanks to Microsoft, bless their heart, for resurrecting the “Blue Screen of Death” no less than seven times yesterday, sending the next to the last chapter in its entirety to cyber purgatory.

Still, it is a great feeling to finish.

Anyway, things are on track so far for the February 2, 2018, release date. If anyone is interested in getting an Advance Reader Copy for review, please drop me a line. They should be available by November.


The Darknet is the second in my new Police Procedural TechnoThriller series. If you haven’t read Murder by Munchausen, it is available at all the usual suspects:

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