Talk about judging a book by the cover, my Murder by Munchausen Series got a facelift, so meet the new boss…as bad as the old boss.  There is a hidden secret in the three covers.  Email me if you think you know what it is and, if you’re right, I’ll send you a complete copy of the opening trilogy.

Speaking of which…A boxed ebook set of Murder by Munchausen, The Darknet and The Invisible Mind is on track to be released Memorial Day.  Watch for it to go on presale in early May for a discounted price.

Finally, the contracts have been signed and production on the Audio Book version of Murder by Munchausen is underway.  Targeted for release this summer, date TBD.  You can listen to the audition sample at the SoundCloud link below.

“Oh, just one more thing,” to quote Detective Columbo.  The manuscript for my next novel, Article 15, is with Bee, my editor.  Release date is October 22.  Not a Munchausen update. Just a shameless self-promotion plug.

So it goes…