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October 25, 2019


My One of a Kind Writing Desk

I could never just sit…and sit and sit. So when stuck in the office, I always found a way to work standing up by putting some item of office furniture to use in a manner for which it was never intended. I decided, finally, to build myself a stand-up desk. First, a little back story.

Lola and I bought the Herald Building in the downtown Entertainment District of Lorain, Ohio, which was built in 1901 to house one of the town’s two newspapers.

Downstairs will be her gallery and boutique. The front editorial offices upstairs will be my future novelizing & music making lair. Behind the windows on the left will be my office. On the right will be my library.

The former owner left a pile of lumber from his roof fixings, to which I added substantially with unwanted interior wall framing we’ve been tearing out as we renovate.

I decided to repurpose the turn-of-the-last-century old-growth lumber into items needed around my office and Lola’s gallery downstairs, one of which would be my long coveted stand-up desk.

It is worthy to note that this lumber is from so long ago that the 2 x 4s were actually two inches by four inches.

Wainscoting from the building was used for the desktop.

The top was sanded, but the rest of the wood was left rough and just cleaned up with a wire brush.

The desktop was given seven coats of varnish with sanding & steel wool smoothing in between. The frame got five coats.

A black iron gas line from the building was used for the footrest and it’s ready for action.

September, 2019 — Frank Lloyd Wright

I’m all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools. Let’s start with typewriters.”

~Frank Lloyd Wright