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Murder by Munchausen Trilogy

“M.T. Bass kept me on edge the entire way. I can’t compare it to anything else.”  

— Frank Frission Reviews 

“…packed with action and unexpected developments…fast-paced, entertaining…”

— Kirkus Reviews:  Murder by Munchausen

“Of course the ending caught me off guard but all the best thrillers have this…This is a great thriller/scifi story and one series that you won’t be disappointed in.”

— J.D. Bronder Book Reviews:  The Darknet  

“M.T. Bass melds the characters into a macabre tale of murder and mayhem confounded with artificial intelligence…skillfully crafted to keep you entertained and guessing.” 

Rosepoint Publishing Reviews:  The Invisible Mind ½

A Cyber Crime Thriller Series: Notorious serial killers digitally resurrected to live & hunt again in hacked replicants, pursued by detectives of the Artificial Crimes Unit.

#1 — Murder By Munchausen

#2 — The Darknet

#3 — The Invisible Mind

It might not make sense, but the beloved Media tags it “Murder by Munchausen.” For a price, there are hackers out there who will reprogram a synthoid to do your dirty work. The bad news: no fingerprints or DNA left at the crime scene. The good news—at least for us—is that they’re like missiles: once they hit their target, they’re usually as harmless as empty brass. The trick is to get them before they melt down their core OS data, so you can get the unit into forensics for analysis and, hopefully, an arrest. [excerpt from Murder by Munchausen]

Artificial Intelligence? Fuhgeddaboudit!

Artificial Evil has a name…Munchausen.

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