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Somethin’ for Nothin’

“Bass’ tale…exudes freshness, courtesy of a memorable snowy backdrop and indelible characters.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“…an exciting, fast-paced novel…Featuring well drawn characters…”
— The BookLife Prize in Fiction

People ask me where I get the ideas for my books.  In this case, I recall reading about Alaska bush pilots for fun.  I must have watched Animal House and Treasure of the Sierra Madre around that time and…a few months later—Eureka! The words for the prologue and first chapter just started spilling out of my head. (“Clean up on aisle five.”)

Somethin’ for Nothin’

Anchorage, 1976 — Albert and Waxy flunk their Intro to Philosophy midterm and drunkenly decide to drop out of The Ohio State University and go to Alaska to “strike it rich” working on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. After Albert’s father cuts off his credit card, they get bartending & dishwashing jobs at an Anchorage bar, where Albert becomes involved with the bar owner’s girlfriend, CiCi, who is also the lead singer in the house band. Albert “acquires” a union card to get a pipeline job for himself, but then learns that Waxy has become part of a crazy scheme with Jimmi the Pilot, Beantown Bob and Moe the Eskimo to find and recover a long lost government payroll from an Air Force cargo plane that crashed in the Alaska Mountain Range decades ago.

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