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One night in the fog of academia after playing the blues all night with my buddy Wayland and consuming mass quantities of Night Train Express, I wandered upstairs to the abandoned dorm lounge at Baldwin-Wallace College and stumbled upon Hoolihan and Big Chuck showing THX 1138. I was blown away, but I didn’t realize the full impact of the film until I awoke years later in the land of milk & honey & Ritalin.  See, I grew up a free-range yute and for kids nowadays…well…things just ain’t right.

Untethered, A Story

At District High School #6241, Connor wants only to get close to Liz, the cheerleader whose locker is just across the hall, and forget the suicide of his father in jail, but his family’s dark past and a rebellious nature force him to the fringes of student social circles and into an unlikely alliance to fight back against a tyranny of conformity.

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Hoolihan and Big Chuck
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